The Beginning of Artificial Intelligence - What, Why, How, Where? !!

artificial intelligence

Ever wondered why spam mail is not stored in your personal mailbox? Why is there a spam folder for them, the mail is the spam mail or how the system finds out - then who submits that mail to the spam folder?
Or if you look at YouTube or Netflix, you will see that when you watch a video, movie, TV series, they suggest more videos, movies, TV series in the same category. How?
The technology used today in hundreds of other cases, including the above two examples, is called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the name of the great sacrifice that is being made all over the world to make machines as intelligent as humans. In today's article I will have details on Artificial Intelligence, how it came about, why it is needed, how you can make yourself proficient in Artificial Intelligence, where you will learn, its application in Bangladesh and many more!

What is Artificial Intelligence?
In a word, the science and engineering of giving machines the same intelligence as humans is artificial intelligence, especially computer programs.

History of Artificial Intelligence -
Artificial intelligence may seem to be the invention of the day. There is no doubt that in the last 2-3 years there has been an unprecedented improvement in this field, but in fact artificial intelligence has existed since the 1940s.Various researches have started since then. Work on how to give machines the ability to think like humans began before the invention of the computer, but since the invention of the computer, the scope of this field has only increased.If I say a very specific timeline, Artificial Intelligence has been around since Greek times!
However, in the civilized world, the work of artificial intelligence began soon after World War II. Alan Turing, an English mathematician, first spoke on artificial intelligence in 1947. From that time onwards, scientists began to work on their own initiative with artificial intelligence.Turing test

In 1950, Alan Turing published an article entitled Computing Machinery and Intelligence, in which he talked about the potential of a machine to achieve the same human intelligence. He said that if a machine can think and work like a human, then it should be called intelligent!

Is it possible to achieve human intelligence with artificial intelligence?
First, how do people learn? He does not learn everything at birth? Over time, knowledge is acquired through a variety of events, hard work, mistakes, and so on. Thus, it is possible for machines to learn in the same way.

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